Beyond typical poor landscape maintenance practices, there are a few external factors that can have a significant negative impact on the health of your lawn and landscape. One of those factors is disease, but the one we want to talk about today is pests. There are many types of lawn pests that cause different harms to your turf. This typically ends up showing up in the form of a brown spot, or dead turf. Although, there are other signs of pest problems that we will go over. The earlier you catch it, the less severe this will be, and the more damage you can prevent. We manage pests on many of our commercial properties, using a variety of strategies to prevent pest problems from even beginning. Managing local pests has never been easier.

Identify the Symptoms

If you are engaged with a commercial landscaping company like Pezza, it is very likely that symptoms will be noticed by your landscaping partner. However, if you need to identify the symptoms of lawn pests, and separate the symptoms from other causes such as lack of water, here is how. As we mentioned before, brown spots are the first indicator. On a smaller level, various lawn pests can chew bite marks on your grass. There is also the yellowing of blades, holes in your soil, and wilting blades of grass. Another sign of generally weak turf is that general foot traffic will easily stamp it down, and it is not quick to rise back up. While these are just general symptoms, it is important that you identify them, so you know that pests are present. 

managing local pests

Common Types of Chicago Pests

Hands down, the most common lawn pest present in Chicago is the white grub. Grubs are notorious, as they almost sneak into your lawn, and cause significant damage before you can notice. They are larvae of scarab beetles, and are prevalent all year round during warmer weather. They will munch on the roots of your turf, right below the surface of your soil. This causes your grass to wilt, and unless you notice this with individual blades early on, it is hard to catch. You will find these turn into large patches of turf that pull up like a piece of carpet. Another negative of grubs is that other local animals will make an effort to find and eat them, such as raccoons and birds. This just further accentuates the issue. Chinch bugs are the other common lawn pests in Chicago, causing similar damage to grubs. The difference being chinch bugs are very prevalent in lawns that have been fertilized, as they love nitrogen. These will be more obvious above the soil, at the base of your turf blades, so easier to identify.

Professional Treatment Plans

Both Grubs and Chinch Bugs are treatable, but every lawn is different. Using strong insecticides is never good for the long term health of your lawn, so you want to make sure you apply the correct insecticide and the appropriate quantity. Overdoing it can cause future problems, and the converse can leave the pests roaming free. For a tailored pest management plan for your commercial property, Pezza Landscape is your team. We have been dealing with Chicago pests for decades, so we know what works and what does not.

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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