While the winter in Chicago can be brutal, and your lawn and landscape will go dormant, this does not mean that there is nothing to be done. With the inevitability of snow and ice through the harsh winter, you need to be cognizant of its effects on your commercial property or municipality. Snow can be an extreme hindrance,  not only to travel but also business. Additionally, it can make your property unsafe, and potentially cause accidents. To combat these potential problems, engaging in snow removal service before disaster strikes is probably a good idea. We are an experienced winter services provider, with decades of work on commercial and municipal properties under our belt. Having seen it all, here are four benefits of snow removal this winter.

Maximize Return on Investment: Curb Appeal

When it comes to the appearance of your property specifically, snow and ice can cover up the pieces of your landscape you are most proud of. Whether it be turf, shrub, or tree, snow will cover all, making your property much less attractive to the eye. Conversely, if your property is adequately cleared in a timely manner, you can minimize the amount of time your landscape remains hidden. Your landscape is all about bringing in business, whether it be customers or potential tenants. Affording your landscape a multi-day break while snow and ice melt is not going to cut it, you need to maximize the return on investment of your landscape.

Improved Safety, Less Liability

The benefits of snow removal to the aesthetics of your property are undeniable, but they pale in comparison to the functional benefits. Simply put, snow and ice are dangerous to not only vehicles on your roads, but individuals walking around. When you invest in snow removal services, your landscape will be safer, faster. This decreases the likelihood of an accident and the potential for a lawsuit or liability. The last thing you want on your plate as a property manager or owner is the potential to get caught up in a court case. By utilizing a snow removal service, you mitigate the risk to yourself and your property.

Efficiency, Equipment, and Experience

There are a few qualities possessed by commercial snow removal companies that cannot be matched by a local crew. With greater resources and larger crews, a company like Pezza is able to offer quicker service than competitors. Additionally, having decades of experience in the Chicago area, and working with superior trucks and plows are both substantial benefits. You do not want to play around when it comes to winter storms, and use a reliable company that can be trusted. With faster, more experienced crews using commercial-grade equipment, the quality of work on your property will be better than ever.

No Worries About Results

The key when it comes to snow removal is keeping it stress-free. For all of the aforementioned reasons, a more experienced commercial landscaping company with superior equipment is going to be primed to provide a higher quality of work. Held not only accountable to our customer, but our reputation, a snow service team like ours at Pezza is going to ensure a clean look. It is in our best interest to go above and beyond, as we look to maintain our high standards.

Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full-service landscaping company proudly serving the greater Naperville area, including Warrenville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities. Give us a call at (630) 393-7373 or visit our website to get in touch. We can help you achieve these four benefits of snow removal this winter.

Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaper providing property maintenance, slit seeding, grading, and snow removal to Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding IL communities.


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Pezza Landscape, Inc.

Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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