No matter the type of property that you manage or own, trees are an integral part of the landscape. Trees come in all shapes in sizes, from the height of a human to the size of a building. These larger pieces of plant material are essential to the shape of your property, providing both structure and symmetry. Furthermore, trees and shrubs both provide privacy, a key sign of a luxury property. To remain competitive in the market, maintaining your trees is a must. The health of your trees will directly reflect on your property, and diseased trees can be a significant hazard. Trees are essential to our climate, pulling carbon dioxide out of the air, and putting oxygen into the atmosphere. Many property managers assume trees are a plant and play installation, without the realization that trees must be maintained in hopes of staying healthy. Even with maintenance, there are a few tree diseases that you need to be on the lookout for in the Chicago area. We can provide canker, scale, and needle cast control for trees and shrubs. Early identification is the key to early eradication, getting your tree back in shape.

Canker Control for Trees and ShrubsCanker Disease

This disease is caused by either fungi, bacteria, or mistletoe, and creates necrotic areas on the bark of your tree. The cankers that this disease creates can be found in three different forms, annual, diffuse, or perennial. Each type has unique characteristics that will affect your tree differently over time. Annual cankers are the least worrisome, dying out after a season, while perennial cankers can last for many years. Diffuse cankers are much more serious, acting quickly and deadly. Broken branches, trunk wounds, and rust are all initial symptoms of canker disease. Trees that are not well maintained are the typical targets, piggybacking on trees already affected by insects or other diseases. Affected trees must be pruned and sanitized to get rid of the disease, and in an ideal scenario, the tree will not need to be removed. Quick identification of this problem can lead to fast solutions.

Tree Scale DiseaseScale Control for Trees and Shrubs

Although this sounds like strictly a disease, tree scales are actually hard to control insects that suck the sap out of your trees. They can do damage to your foliage, and are hard to identify due to their unique look. Scales can either be armored or soft, with each type looking different. Soft scales have no shell and are larger than armored scales. The identification of armored scales is easy, as their hard protective shell will be in the shape of a flat sphere. Symptoms include yellowing leaves, slowed growth, early falling of leaves, and obviously the scales themselves on your foliage. Immediate pruning is the best treatment, but chemical treatments and insecticide oils can also be great options for guaranteed removal.

Needle Cast Control for Trees and ShrubsNeedle Cast Disease

The last of the diseases on our list, this disease only applies to those trees that grow needle leaves. Needle Cast is a fungal disease, causing the needles of the tree to brown then fall off. Most susceptible are those trees already suffering from drought or disease, which emphasizes the importance of staying on top of tree maintenance. The dead needles will typically fall sometime in late summer or fall, while the disease moves from the bottom up. Fungicides are the only solution to this issue, but consistent maintenance makes a big difference in whether or not your trees are likely to catch this disease.

If you encounter any of these three issues, contact our team at Pezza for a comprehensive consultation from our arbor care team. We can provide canker, scale, and needle cast control for trees and shrubs.

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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