Whether your property is commercial or residential, it is pretty safe to say you have a lawn. This could be an expansive lawn or a small backyard. No matter the type of lawn or turf, it is always at risk of being damaged in a variety of ways. Weather conditions are an easy one, with a storm tearing up the turf, or adding an excess of water that softens up the lawn, and ripens it for damage. Pests and disease can also wreak havoc, causing death and decay which is often irreversible. Many times the reasons for your lawn being damaged are well outside your control, but the ways in which you can repair your landscape are now. Gone are the days of having to reseed a lawn, and wait months for new turf to grow. New seeding methods like hydroseeding and the ability to install sod have hastened the process of landscape repair, and we want to tell you all about how to repair your landscaping with sod and seed.

Repair Your Landscaping: Sod and SeedSod Installation: Overview and Benefits

When compared to other seeding methods, sod is hands down the quickest way to a full lawn. Sod is pre-grown turf that is cut into pieces and laid atop your lawn to form an instant yard. It requires a couple of weeks of intensive watering, and foot traffic should be avoided at this time. However, once this time period has passed your lawn will be ready to go. This is the advantage that sod installation has over alternative seeding methods, and why it has become increasingly popular in recent years. Another advantage is the uniformity that sod produces. While conventional seeding may grow turf well in certain areas, and worse in others, sod grows evenly through your yard. Sod growth is also denser than that of other seeding methods, which makes for a longer-lasting turf.

Because sod is composed of matured turf, erosion and soil displacement are much less common. The best time to plant sod is during the cooler seasons, in spring and fall. This is because the heat can be hard on initial growth, whereas medium temperatures make for an easier time. Once your sod takes root, you can treat it just like you would any other lawn. Sod installation is an ideal option for large commercial properties, as well as municipalities where conventional seeding would be inefficient.

Hydroseeding: Simplified Seeding for Sloped LandscapesRepair Your Landscaping: Sod and Seed

Not all landscapes are built the same, and many do not have the luxury of a flat, square lawn. Those lawns that are on uneven ground, or steep slopes are much more prone to damage. Because of the elements and erosion, conventional seeding methods are not recommended on these sloped landscapes. Seeds will easily wash away, and your lawn will come out patchy. This is where hydroseeding comes in, as a slurry of seed and organic additives is sprayed onto your slopes, assisted by erosion control matting. This prevents the moving of the seed and ensures uniform growth across the uneven ground. Another great perk is the fact that hydroseeding is actually cheaper than conventional seeding methods, and you avoid the cost of compost and fertilizer as nutrients are pre-mixed into the slurry. Hydroseeded lawns also better retain water, and coverage is guaranteed to be consistent when sprayed by your commercial landscaping company, Pezza Landscape. For a versatile and inexpensive seeding option, hydroseeding cannot be beat.

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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