In many of our previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of landscape sustainability, and the use of native plant materials. It is true that every property, commercial or residential, requires some combination of colors to spark interest in their landscape. Lack of color will lead to a bland property that does nothing to separate itself from the competition. In an effort to avoid this, you need to utilize a variety of both annual and perennial flowers to spice up your landscape. You can install them in a ton of different places, and get creative with the design in cohesion with your landscaping company. So, if you are going to install plant material, you might as well use native plants. We are going to discuss all the ways you can use native plants for a beautiful landscape.

Benefits of Using Native Plant Material

Before we get into specific design options, we need to go over why using native plants is advantageous over traditional plants. Because these plants are native to your local environment, they will inherently require less maintenance. Having been acclimated to the area for many years, plant material will develop growth habits that are advantageous to the local climate. This means less water, fertilizer, and general maintenance long term. Saving you both time and money, using native plants also contributes to the sustainability of your landscape. This applies to flowers, shrubs, and trees. As these plants are local, they will typically attract local wildlife, which can be another bright spot for your property.

Accent Front Entrance

Adding color is all about attracting attention, and what better place to do it then the front entrance? This is the first thing any visitor may see, and could be the difference maker between spending money at your location, or not. Lighting is another great addition to your front entrance, ideally illuminating your beautiful native plant material. Seriously, adding color to your front entrance is a must, so you might as well use those plants that will require the least upkeep to look gorgeous. Who knows, maybe a child will see a butterfly pollinating native plants and beg their parents to take a look.

Line Walkways: Creating Structure

The best properties of any type are organized. This means that there is a distinction between different areas of the property, and even better when this is created through the use of nature. One way to do this is to line the walkways of your property with flowers, separating the lawn from hardscape. This can add to the ambiance of traversing your property, which makes the experience of a visitor more enjoyable. Choose some native plants with a great aroma and you are good to go.

Containers: The Lowest of Maintenance

If you are a property manager looking to keep it simple, you do not need to install an entire garden or plant bed to feature some native plant material. Containers can be a great way to display plants around your property, especially in areas where planting is impossible. In entryways, atop hardscapes, and even inside, native plants will do well anywhere. Make sure you know if it needs sun, and the specific characteristics of your chosen variety.

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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