Your landscape needs nutrients to grow healthily, right? Water is one of the most important nutrients for your landscape, right? So, more water must be good for your landscape! While water is great for your lawn and landscape in the right quantities, excess water can actually cause severe problems. Extra water can come from many places, namely too much rainfall, or overusing your irrigation system. From any source, water that does not soak into your soil will end up running along the top of your soil in whatever direction the terrain pushes it. This can cause many problems, like soil erosion, a soggy lawn, or even foundational problems with your building. Avoidance of these issues is only possible when you consider proper drainage as a part of your landscape design. In this blog we are going to discuss a few of the common improper drainage problems we see, and why they need to be avoided.

Water Buildup at the FoundationImproper Drainage Will Shorten Landscaping Life

Starting out with one of the worst case scenarios for drainage, is if the slope of your landscape pushes your water runoff to the foundation of your home or structure. This is usually caused by a lack of elevation, which needs to be addressed. If you let water buildup, it can lead to problems with drywall, or worse, foundation failure. The best way to keep yourself from encountering this is by grading around the side of your home, creating an artificial drainage slope for runoff. Underground drainage options are also available to catch water rather than disperse it.

Soil Erosion: Plant Material and Turf

Although it might seem like the natural order of nature that water runs down your property, it can become problematic if it is repetitively in the same area. Over time water will remove the uppermost layer of soil, or “topsoil”, which can rob your plant of nutrients. If the runoff is particularly bad, you could experience significant loss of topsoil all at once, which might also uproot your turf or your plants. This will kill your plant material, which can be avoided with the installation of a retaining wall, or french drain.

Excess Moisture Creates Environment for Lawn Predators

Referring to both the title of this blog, and this subsection, having too much water sitting in your lawn, can frankly kill your turf. Not only does your turf need water, so does the fungus that creates lawn disease. Weeds and pests need water as well. When water is “excess” that means that it is beyond the threshold of uptake by your lawn. At this point, any extra water serves no purpose in your landscape, but to feed those things you want to keep out. Properly draining your yard is a key to keeping nutrients in and predators out.

Not Using a Landscaping Professional

Many of the drainage problems we see at Pezza are the direct result of poor planning on the part of whoever designed the landscape. You need to use an experienced professional who knows the area, and how to maximize drainage cost effectively. Our team is ready to help you keep out excess water, just give us a call today.

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaper providing property maintenance, slit seeding, grading, and snow removal to Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding IL communities.


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Pezza Landscape, Inc.

Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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