At some point as a commercial property manager, it may begin to feel like you have enhanced your landscape in every possible way. Every piece of space is filled with plant beds, plant material, lawns, hardscapes, and even common areas. You may feel like you have exhausted the space, and there is no more you can do. As you probably expect coming from a landscaping company, there are always more enhancements to make. What you have done is installed all the aesthetic landscaping material you need. Now, the next step is to maximize the value of this investment. While it can all be seen during the day, what about at night? Is your landscape seen at all hours of the day? If not, you need to read about these 3 benefits of outdoor landscape lighting.

Maximize Curb Appeal at All Hours

We all know why curb appeal is important. It is the foundation of why commercial properties landscape, and the judgment that passersby make after a quick glance. The better your curb appeal, the more customers will be driven onto the property. Well, gone are the days when this traffic is just coming through the day. Even for people using your property, such as clients and tenants, not everyone is on the typical 9 am to 5 pm schedule. By adding outdoor lighting to show off these well-landscaped areas on your property, you are extending the hours that you benefit from the installation. This maximizes the curb appeal, and thus the improvement you see on your bottom line.

Outdoor Lighting Improves Outdoor Safety

To be quite honest, this is not news. For decades it has been statistically proven that well-lit properties were much less likely to be the target of criminal activity. Those looking to steal or trespass will be more inclined to do so on a property that is dark. This will make tenants feel safer, and more inclined to stay at your property. Additionally, they will be literally safer walking around on your walkways. If they can see where they are going, they can avoid a trip or fall. In this way, you can also avoid the liability of injury or a complaint about someone stepping in dog feces. Cover all of your safety bases with outdoor lighting, and make the job of your security that much easier.

Extend the Use of Outdoor Amenities3 Benefits Of Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Many commercial properties actually have common areas dedicated to the tenants. This could be for residents of a medical or senior living facility, or apartment complex residents. We are talking about outdoor patios with seating and a fire pit, or communal gardens with blooming flowers. The value of these areas is only enhanced when outdoor lighting is installed, and their hours of use are extended. Now, you can host events well into the night with no worries. This can be an additional selling point for the property, of which you can never have too many. So, utilize these 3 benefits of outdoor landscape lighting on your properties.

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