It is no secret that the winter has been pretty cold this past year. Called “the windy city” for a reason, Chicago has no shortage of chill. With these freezing temperatures comes a time of year where very little happens in the landscape. Almost no growth is occurring because everything from turf to plant material is in dormancy. However, everyone knows that when spring comes along, the climate in Chicago quickly changes. Temperatures begin to rise, and with them, the landscape begins to come alive once again. When that happens, you must spring into action with renewed vigor toward landscaping maintenance. The to-do list should immediately fill with these 4 things to do before spring arrives. 

Spring Lawn Fertilization4 Things To Do Before Spring Arrives

Coming out of a cold winter it can be hard for turf to gather the nutrients it needs to get a good start on spring growth. The soil might be too compact for nutrients to travel to the roots, or the cold might have left the ground frozen entirely. The solution to this is a fertilization treatment that injects nutrients straight into the soil for easy use. Lawn fertilizers are made up of three valuable nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Turf uses these nutrients individually to further the health of the lawn. Nitrogen deepens the green of the grass, while phosphorus and potassium enable more efficient intake and storage of other nutrients. This should be your first spring endeavor.

Mulch with Tree Rings

Although they have been around for a while, their popularity and a near necessity for commercial properties have peaked. Obviously, the importance of appearance in a commercial property cannot be overstated, as this is how customers will determine if they use you or a competitor. One way to add uniformity is with tree rings. These are edged circles at the base of trees that can be filled with mulch that improves the health of the soil. It will keep weeds from getting in, and decompose into valuable nutrients for the tree. They also look incredibly structured when installed for every tree on the property.

Property Cleanup for Fresh Look

As the introduction suggested, the winter is a time of staying indoors, unconcerned with the landscape. This is totally fine, but sometimes this mindset can lead the landscape into disarray. It might not be a total mess, we just mean that the plant material might be overgrown, debris and leaves could be strewn out, and plant beds have been made messy. Using Pezza for a comprehensive property cleanup will get your landscape back into the shape it needs to be in for the spring.

Annual Flower RotationPlant Spring Annuals

If you have taken advice from Pezza Landscape in the past, you might have seen that we recommend the use of annual flowers to rotate new colors into the landscape each season. With spring right around the corner, now is the time to pick out those spring flowers that will provide a pop of color.

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