Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Our corporate maintenance foremen are trained exclusively to give clients individual attention and services that include: spring and fall cleanups, mowing, weeding, granular fertilization, pest management, mulching, project modifications, landscape renovation, flower rotation, and shrub and tree pruning programs can be created for your individual property.

Snow Removal

Pezza Landscape, Inc has been servicing large and small companies for decades with our responsive and thorough snow removal teams. If you have a business in the area and would like a free quote for our winter services please call or email us and we will contact you promptly.

Annual Flower Rotation

Every landscape needs a pop of color. Whether it be a residential home being put on the market, or a retail center looking to drive in shoppers, landscape enhancements are a necessary investment. Annal flower rotation is one of the most common, as you can easily rotate annual flowers each season. These flowers will go through a full life cycle, from bud to bloom, in just one quarter of the year. After they die, you can then replace them with new annuals for the following season. This allows for a ton of creativity and the ability to tailor flowers to each part of the year.

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