Whether your commercial landscape is already filled with many wonderful landscaping features, or you have a small space that you want to fill up, there are often times where your ability to maximize space comes into play. Many small businesses have smaller spaces to work with and do not realize the wonderful spaces they can create. Efficiently using space in your landscape can be beneficial on an even larger scale, as saving real estate for the future, or large projects, while still being able to do what you would like is a massive benefit. As with anything else, the more you are able to do with less, the better. We often work with our clients on this exact concept, so we know a thing or two. Here are a few ways to use landscape enhancements to maximize your space.

Beautiful Space of Landscape Enhancement Design

More Vertical, Less Horizontal

This may be the most simple design concept to master, but it rings the most true. Oftentimes, when working with our landscapes we look to the ground space available to us and try and fill it up with as many plants and soiled areas as possible. Rather than install the ground cover, look at plants that grow vertically. Check out tree options, as they will typically not require much ground space, and grow to be tall and relatively skinny. Another easy way is to hang up container plants, well above the ground. Consider your vertical space through your next design process

Hardscapes - Landscape Enhancement - Patio

Using Hardscapes in Your Landscape Enhancements

In our last paragraph, we discussed how large flower beds and patches of lawn are very limiting in your landscaping endeavors. You can combat this by installing hardscapes, wherein you are able to do more than just planting. The goal is to create a pleasing space that your visitors and tenants enjoy spending their time, and often this can be found with seating, kitchenettes, and other amenities. You are still more than able to add green material to these areas, whether lined or using planters, but with many other options still available to you.

Especially on commercial properties, turf has begun to serve less of a purpose. Typically, many properties have an excess, and even smaller spaces do not require it. Your lawn requires active maintenance and probably does not get used in accordance with your investment. Alleviate this by replacing portions of your lawn with your desired landscaping installations. For example, a flower bed full of beautiful color will provide more value to the look of your landscape, than that same square footage of bland turf.

Great entry landscaping with lightsLandscape Lighting: Little Space Lost

At Pezza Landscaping, we specialize in landscape enhancements with lighting installations, so we are heavy on its value. However, in this case, it often takes up extremely little space and offers countless benefits to your property. You can line walkways, light up plant material, and even your front entrance. This lighting will look great, act as a crime deterrent, and increase safety on your property. This is especially true for small areas, as less lighting is required!

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Pezza Landscape, Inc. is a full service landscaping company serving Warrenville, Naperville, Wheaton, Winfield, Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and the surrounding communities.

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