No matter how much capital you have allocated to your landscape, it certainly is an investment. Blood, sweat, tears, and time have all been put into your property, in an effort to keep it up to your standards. With your landscape looking so exquisitely maintained, it deserves to be seen. Curb appeal is one thing, as in broad daylight your landscape is on display for all to see. However, lack of sunlight is a different story. At night, your property deserves to be admired as it does during the day. This is where landscape lighting comes into play. We are all aware of the benefits, from an improved aesthetic to a crime deterrent. Creating a better-looking, safer environment on your property with the installation of lighting, here are some creative design tips.

Dramatic Uplighting to Illuminate your Building

Although it may not be direct illumination of your landscape, landscape lighting that shines up into your building can create a dramatic effect. Showing off the beautiful architecture of your home or commercial property, it also gives off the impression that criminals should stay away. This is a very traditional style of lighting installation, and something that should be considered if you wish to highlight your physical building.

Line your Hardscape Walkways

Creating structure in your landscape, your hardscape walkways are the medium by which anyone traverses across your property. The best way to make them feel safe, and illuminate the high quality hardscape, is to line them with lights. This is an aesthetically pleasing look, also letting your lush lawn be shown off. For workers at a commercial property late at night, lighted walkways can make the difference between an uncomfortable walk, or a safe one.

Overhanging Lighting for your Patio

Improving the accessibility of your property is a primary goal of installing landscape lighting. As we often discuss, your patio is a great place for hosting, and a representation of your home brought outdoors. Adding lighting to the top of a pergola, or tree above your patio is a great way to extend the hours your patio is available for use. It can also contribute to the ambience, letting your visitors of choice enjoy the vibe.

Garden Lighting

The other goal of adding lighting to your landscape is to show off just that, your landscape. As we are sure your property is full of beautiful flowers, shrubs, and trees, adding lighting directly around these amenities can maximize your return on investment. Curb appeal is sure to be improved as your green thumb becomes visible at all hours.

Illuminate Key Features

Our final tip for your landscape lighting design is to ensure that you light up the most prevalent pieces of your landscape. If you have a large tree, a water feature, or a fire pit, lighting should be focused around this centerpiece. Lighting these key elements and installations puts a focus on the parts of your property you are most proud of. No matter the design methodology you utilize when installing landscape lighting, it sure is hard to go wrong.

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