In light of the recent coronavirus pandemic, outdoor spaces have become increasingly prioritized on commercial properties. Not only are people looking for these spaces to social distance during their activities, they appreciate it when their commercial property managers invest in providing these spaces to their tenants. Although the pandemic has begun to come to a close, the trend has not. Tastes have changed, and people have continued their desire to spend time outdoors even with the lack of social distancing requirements. This means that property managers need to shift some of their focus to providing outdoor landscaping amenities in order to remain competitive in the market. From outdoor patios, to rock gardens, there are many creative ways in which you can add to your commercial outdoor space. Here are some landscaping essentials for your commercial outdoor space.

Landscaping Essentials For Commercial Outdoor SpacesPatio: Outdoor Common Area

One of the most straightforward and simple ways to add to your outdoor space on your commercial property is with a patio. This can be used on any type of commercial property, from a hospital to an office park. Outdoor patios can be utilized by hospital patients to get in touch with the outdoors, or employees of office park tenants can take their work outside. Additionally, because it is a hardscape it can be installed with a variety of materials in different shapes and sizes. Your patio can provide the functionality to your tenants, but also look great aesthetically. An outdoor patio is sure to be a valued amenity by both tenants and prospective buyers.

Colorful Plant Material: Universal Accent

No matter the type of outdoor space your property possesses, you need a combination of annual and perennial flowers to accent your larger installations. Colorful plant material draws the eye, and any landscape without it will be boring. If you choose the right plants, you can also invite local wildlife to liven up your property. We also recommend using native plants, as they will be more in touch with the local environment and require less maintenance. Throw in a layer of mulch on top of your plant beds, and you will have the perfect landscape accent.

Privacy Landscaping: Shrubs and TreesLandscaping Essentials For Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Invaluable to any property is privacy. The most luxurious commercial properties have grand entrances that block the public view so tenants can enjoy some peace and quiet. Although walls and gates are commonly used, you can utilize natural options to create privacy. Large shrubs and trees can be planted in a row creating a natural barrier between your property and the outside world. This will create an aura of luxury and privacy that your residents are sure to appreciate.

Outdoor Lighting: Increase Hours of Availability

If you choose to put an emphasis on outdoor spaces in your commercial property, they may become hard to use at night. Especially as the days shorten, your outdoor area will become less usable. In order to maximize your return on investment, you can install landscape lighting. Not only will this increase the amount of time you can spend outdoors, but your property will also be safe and less prone to criminal activity. An increase in safety will be appreciated by tenants, as well as visitors.

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