As we so often talk about in our blogs, landscaping is a holistic idea, combining many different aspects to make it work. A landscape must be well designed, well installed, and well maintained. In tandem with one another, each of these landscaping facets works to create a stunning landscape. One such landscaping installation that requires all three of these elements to be successful is mulch. Nobody who is experienced in landscaping is unfamiliar with mulch, as you can find it all over the place. Providing a myriad of benefits, with little to no drawbacks at a low cost, every landscape can use mulch. It is likely mulch has been recommended to you before, or it is in your landscape and you are not sure exactly what it does. In either case, we want to educate you on how mulch may save your landscape, and increase the value of your property.

Organic Mulch: Nutrient Strong

When choosing mulch, there are many options to consider. There are many inorganic varieties that provide many of the same functional benefits. Decorative rock and gravel are often used in place of organic options like bark or wood chips. However, these inorganic options do not naturally degrade, providing nutrients to the soil the same way that organic mulch does. These nutrients are very valuable to your soil and can make the difference between average growth, and strong growth.

Mulch May Save Your Landscape and Increase Property ValueNatural Insulation: Heat and Moisture Retention

Whether or not the mulch in your property is organic or inorganic is no longer relevant for this benefit, as all mulch acts as an insulated barrier for your soil. It works in all temperatures, keeping the heat in during the cold, and keeping the soil cool when it is hot outside. Furthermore, mulch slows down the evaporation of moisture in your soil, keeping more on hand for the roots of your plant material. Creating a better environment for growth no matter the season, it is hard to see why anyone would not install mulch.

Acts as a Barrier: Weed Prevention

In a similar fashion to the way mulch keeps out the heat, it also keeps out weeds. With nowhere to grow, spread, or sprout, weeds must find a different location to call their home. This benefit is enhanced the thicker the layer of mulch that you install, which is why the recommendation is anywhere between 2 and 3 inches of depth.

Reduction of Soil Erosion

This benefit of mulch installation is pretty straightforward, as covering your soil with a protective layer of mulch means that less water runoff is moving across your soil, eroding it. As well as when you are watering your plants, there is less direct contact between water and soil. Reduced erosion also protects soil-borne diseases from spreading through your landscape.

Mulch Looks Great: Increased Aesthetic and Property ValueMulch May Save Your Landscape and Increase Property Value

On top of these many functional benefits, mulch also offers the ability to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Any high-end landscape is sure to possess some type of mulch, and with all the obvious benefits many potential buyers consider it a necessary amenity. With the increase in growth due to healthier soil and plants, your material will look better, also increasing the value of your property. With so many types of mulch to choose from and variations in everything from size to color, your creative energy can flow when you make your mulching decision.

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