Everyone enters every year with good intentions, usually to grow in some way. These goals could lie in a variety of categories, from career to health. For most of human time, the idea of growth has been nothing but positive, with everything from religions to philosophies hammering home that everyone and everything needs to grow. Circling back from our tangent to the reason why you are here, growth is equally important in your landscape. We mean this both figuratively and literally. In one sense your turf and plant material literally need to grow to remain happy and healthy. In another sense, your landscape as a whole entity needs to be grown in order to remain competitive in the modern commercial market. Using this theme of growth we wanted to share a few ways you can do so in this new year.

Full-Service Landscapers Grow with You

Before mentioning the specific ways in which you and your property can grow, we need to ensure that the right conditions exist for growth. This is just like plant material. Without healthy soil, fertilizer to add nutrients, and a source of water, you are wasting your time. The same is true in your landscape, and with your landscaper as the caretaker of it. You need a full-service landscaping company that can grow as you grow. The last thing you need is to accelerate the growth of your business, only to find out that your long-term landscaper cannot perform the work you need to be done. Now, you have to start the painstaking process of finding a new contractor all over again. Simplify the whole thing and just choose Pezza.

Grow with Outdoor Lighting

Another way your property can grow is with an extension of the hours available for use. This is especially important on properties with lots of tenants who reside there permanently or often use nighttime hours. Outdoor lighting is a holistic addition to the landscape that has many use cases. First and foremost it makes your landscape safer at night. This one is obvious, as the light deters criminal activity and makes it easier for those walking around at night to avoid a fall. Lighting can also be used to highlight your favorite pieces of landscape infrastructure. This will improve the overall appearance of the landscape, especially at night.

Time to Mulch

Could it be that time of year again? It would be a terrible thing to go into 2023 with mulch out of place or needing replacement. Just take a quick look (or use a professional) at your plant beds and make sure that you still have at least an inch or two of healthy mulch. We have outlined the benefits of mulch countless times, from insulation to weed prevention. This can be a quick and easy way to grow that could have fallen through the cracks.

Start with Spring Annuals

Our last recommendation to grow your landscape this year is to start off the year right with an installation of spring annuals. There is no better feeling than walking onto the property and seeing bright spring colors popping out of your plant beds.

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