As a commercial property owner, there are a million things to worry about. The property is a complex system, full of moving parts that have to be kept working in unison. Your landscape is only one of these parts, but even it is an entire sub-system in and of itself. Now, this is the system we are familiar with. The biggest piece of this system is your plant material. Everything green in your landscape is plant material of some sort. Turf, trees, and shrubs to name just a few. These all need maintenance to look good, but it is tough to keep track of every service they need. Every so often we like to shine a light on the most important, and today that maintenance service is pruning. This is why pruning is essential for commercial property owners.

Why Pruning Is Essential For Commercial Property OwnersWhat is Pruning?

Before offering you the benefits of pruning, you have to know exactly what it is. Pruning is the process of removing foliage from plant material with a strategic purpose. The purposes themselves will be addressed in the benefits we list in the next sections. All plant material can use pruning, excluding turf. Usually, this work will require shears, or larger equipment if pruning a tree.

 Prevent Structural Damage

One reason that pruning is sometimes necessary on commercial properties is that plant material is beginning to threaten the structural integrity of a building. Shrubs and trees can begin to grow outwardly in undesirable directions. So, one might engage in pruning when foliage steadily grows towards a window, or perhaps across a walkway. This type of pruning is about functionality, which is essential for commercial property.

Maintain Long Term Health of Plant Material

Another functional benefit of pruning is for the health of the plants. Oftentimes decay can begin to occur due to disease in plants and shrubs. This disease wants to and will spread if allowed to do so. Pruning cuts it off at its head, especially if it is done early. Pruning is also important because when you go in to prune on a routine basis, you are able to identify problems much earlier on. If the disease is allowed to spread, it can destroy the entire plant, and kill it off entirely. Keeping good plant health on a commercial property is essential, as you need to keep everything looking pristine for business to boom.

Improved Aesthetics with Uniformity

Finally, the last reason that pruning is essential is that it simply looks good. Just like mowing your lawn, or watering your flowers, pruning keeps larger plant material looking clean and well-maintained. This is the most commonly thought about the benefit, but also something that actually makes a difference when someone steps foot onto the property. This will increase the curb appeal of your property, and the property value should it come time to sell. Overall, pruning for commercial property owners is an essential service.

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